We arrange person-centred care.

Connect 2 Flexicare strongly believes that care services should meet the full range of people’s practical, social and emotional needs, including maintaining friendships, socialising and pursuing interests.  This means that support should be individually tailored to suit unique situations.

We understand the importance of providing a reliable and well organised service. Our staff receive robust training in line with skills for care, with additional training provided based on specific client’s needs. Personal characteristics, such as good communication skills, time management and a desire to spend time with the individual are emphasised.

In arranging person-centred services, we implement innovative approaches to assessment, flexible processes and the freedom to make changes to support arrangements. We have found this approach to be essential in achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Our ability to adequately plan and respond promptly to customers changing needs help to prevent unnecessary complications & crisis.

Where care is deemed complex, a designated key person is allocated to coordinate and enhance access to improve access to continuity of support.

Achieving good support is dependent on sufficient funding being available to resource person-centred packages and approaches. People with complex needs often require intensive, specialist support for long periods of time, costing considerably more than standard care. Connect 2 Flexicare can facilitate support commissioners to better understand the requirements of people with complex needs, so that adequate funding can be allocated.

Our Services include, but are no restricted to:

  • Integrated Brain Injury Care
  • Integrated Transitions Support for Young People
  • Personalised Care for People with Complex Needs
  • Care Management for People with Brain Injury
  • Independent Living Support for Adults & Young People
  • Specialist Support to meet Social and Leisure Needs for People with Dementia
  • Live in Support for People with Dementia & other Conditions
  • Specialist Live in support for Spinal Injuries


Please get in touch by phone or via our Referral Form to discuss your individual requirements.